Woodcrest impressions

Ok, its about 2 weeks into the woodcrest experiment. I am starting to form opinions about woodcrest, where it is good, where it is hohum. First off, woodcrest appears to give really good artificial benchmark. In some cases. Viewed 11067 times by 1949 viewers


I have noticed a propensity for corporate “bloggers” to somehow turn discussions around to the point where they can do a product placement, or somehow hype their own stuff. Think of things like “so the Yankees will win the series, and this is why our product X is the best”. I kid you not. Viewed […]

Notes about this blog

Some readers may misunderstand this blog. Blogs in general are places to get thoughts down, in a public forum, and invite discussion. Sort of an open-source idea site. Download an opinion and fork it if you like, ignore it if you wish. Viewed 9763 times by 1776 viewers

SGI updates

I haven’t said anything about SGI recently, been too busy with other things. This is good, but much has been happening in SGI land. Viewed 11696 times by 1970 viewers

Woodcrest part 3

Just when I thought I understood things … Ran the original test case that we ran previously, but with the rebuilt GAMESS with a modern compiler. Viewed 11265 times by 1782 viewers

Woodcrest part 2

So by now you know I ran an old binary and an old test on the Woodcrest and Opteron. I wasn’t impressed with the results, the hype was out of proportion with the reality. Lets assume that Intel suggests we recompile our code. I pulled down a new GAMESS (the 2-2006 variant), built it with […]