OT: Just say no (to RBL)

While spam is on the rise, some people resort to battlefield thermonuclear weapons to solve the issue, not caring about the grave damage they do to legitimate users. Viewed 14643 times by 3234 viewers

Must have hit a nerve with that one …

A number of folks have spoken to me offline now about this post. Seems like a number of “vendors” drop boxes off that sometimes work, and sometimes do not. Anyone have experience with this they would like to share? Viewed 14758 times by 3217 viewers

The (lack of) quality of motherboards

We do everything we can to stop failing subsystems from ever entering our customers hands. We beat on our systems, usually with loads far in excess of what our customers will do. No, not using memtest. We run real codes. And we catch lots of problems. Viewed 16451 times by 3562 viewers

Built for raw firepower

Working on a cool project, hopefully I will get to say something soon about it. If you are at SC06, and you see me, ask me about it. Viewed 14946 times by 3230 viewers

(semi-live) blogging SC06

Well I am all registered. I plan on using a better camera this year, and reading the manual in advance. No more sideways movies (sheesh!). Photos / movies will be at photos.scalability.org . Viewed 16027 times by 3298 viewers

Of small decisions, large migrations come to pass

I had heard of some changes in the windows licensing model. Windows licensing is relevant if you are building a windows cluster, as you now have a new set of costs and usage restrictions atop your machine, that you simply don’t have with the alternatives. Viewed 16201 times by 3539 viewers

This is wrong… so very, very wrong …

I was searching for some data on drift/group velocity of charge carriers in semiconductors for something I am working on. Yeah, I know, nice stuff to google for. I ran across this. I nearly fell out of my chair. Viewed 15741 times by 3455 viewers

The right tools for the job

Reading through some of the most interesting papers at the upcoming SC06 show. Yes, we will be there wandering around. I read an interesting paper from the originators of mpiBLAST. They had a great quote about developing very high performance computing tools, specifically in terms of tying multiple other tools together. They used Perl to […]