The long term impact of poor decisions and implementations

We often get interesting requirements for clusters. Sometimes we speak to people who believe that clock frequency defines the speed of the unit, so therefore, a 3.6 GHz processor must be faster than a 2.66 GHz processor. This is not the case (clock frequency == performance), but it has been hammered home by one OEM […]

Drinking the koolaid, by the megaliter

We have been talking about application acceleration, and heterogenous computing for quite a while now. Call it HPC and you scare off anyone who might otherwise be interested in helping to build the future of computing. It really doesn’t matter what you call it at the end of the day. It is coming. Fast. Fine. […]


Deepak over at the always enjoyable blog asked a great question. Its the question about the utility of any technology, and specifically he asked whether or not APUs and accelerators in general would be useful. Viewed 12567 times by 2124 viewers

When one paragraph says it all

Today at HPCwire. They have a quote on the Tokyo Tech machine. “Our team here at Tokyo Tech worked very hard and closely with ClearSpeed to achieve an increase of over 9 TFLOPS performance from our previous result with very little addition in power requirements and no overhead in space,” said Professor Satoshi Matsuoka of […]

apologies for the recent infrequent posting

My time is a zero sum game. My day job kicked into serious overdrive in the last few weeks, and I simply haven’t had cycles to surface. Will try to force this over the weekend. Lots to write about. Like the accelerator market going into warp drive (pun intended), a really interesting BAA from the […]