Suppose you had an opportunity to get some applications (open source and otherwise) onto CCS. Which apps would you like to see? I have my own list, but I would like to hear yours. I ask as I know most apps run great on the current mainstream clusters. You know, those myriad of Linux units. […]

NIH and aimk-ing your way into insanity

There is a tendency in the technical world to be enamored of ones own “stuff” to the exclusion of other “stuff”. In the sense that if you didn’t invent it, it can’t be good. Sometimes it is called NIH for “not invented here” when it pervades a larger group. Viewed 12355 times by 2718 viewers

Commoditization in HPC

Chris over at the excellent site wrote an article for HPCWire entitled “Innovation and Commoditization in HPC”. He makes quite a few points in there, but they have a constant theme. Viewed 12822 times by 2732 viewers

Congratulations to IBM on their 22TF win at OSC

It seems IBM won the OSC procurement with a 22TF system. Oddly enough (really oddly enough), our bid was also 22TF in power. I would like to see the final configuration and pricing. I wonder if our bid somehow contributed to the final IBM configuration (this would be disappointing, but not terribly surprising). Viewed 11727 […]


Let me say this forcefully. Linux is not Redhat. Redhat packages Linux, as do others. They support it as do others. They contribute to it, as do others. They don’t “define” it. Thats what standards bodies are for. LSB. I keep running into all sorts of problems in getting things properly working with hardware or […]

Update on ECCB06

Well the conference is almost over, but I can’t stay to the end. Lots of very interesting talks and posters. Met a few people I had spoken to in the past. The demo (e.g. from “We Say So”) a few days ago. I wound up not using the VMware instance. There were simply too many […]


I just read this on the Detroit Free Press after seeing it on Drudge. Ok. I have friends and acquaintances who work there. Just like my friends at Ford. Of whom, many will likely be on the receiving end of a job-ax. So what is state to do? Viewed 11676 times by 2509 viewers

Pictures for a portion of day 1

Are up here. It is very nice here. Using Google Earth it wasn’t too hard to figure out where it was. Download this KML and load it into Google Earth. Viewed 11751 times by 2517 viewers

At ECCB06 in Eilat

ECCB06 is starting tomorrow in Eilat. The story of this travel is full of sound and fury. And time. Lots and lots of time. Waiting. And things breaking. Or not working. And did I mention time? Viewed 12267 times by 2657 viewers

Some amazingly bad web sites

No, not a Not-Safe-For-Work variety. I just visited a web site which is used in potential customers purchase processes. They have links on this site. Viewed 11749 times by 2557 viewers