And the beat goes on …

Netapp makes good points in their response to the paper on average failure rates. Ignoring the intrinsic marketing in their document, the information in there is invaluable. As indicated before, PT Barnum would be pleased with the vendors of the higher priced product promising, but not delivering, higher reliability. Viewed 15349 times by 3284 viewers


We have been asked to do some benchmarking of CCS systems using a number of codes. I wanted us to do better ports of the codes, so that they get at least performance parity with Linux. There is lots of FUD eminating from the groups about superiority in one aspect or another, and we want […]


Saw this on /.. I heartily agree with the premise. The idea is put up, or, well … ya know … Viewed 15258 times by 3289 viewers

This is at least amusing …

So we had the little … I dunno what to call it … fiasco, mebbe? where we were promised a reasonable comparison between a JackRabbit and a Thumper, and did not get it (a reasonable out-of-box comparison, no one I know who promises accurate comparison purposefully de-tunes one platform before comparing). I am not going […]

Well I’ll be darned …

More people are picking up the drive story. I expect to hear rebuttals any time now from the big expensive disk players. Viewed 17284 times by 3561 viewers

That banging sound you hear is my head against the table

Names not mentioned to protect the guilty. So I am working on a cluster load. Have everything nicely configured. Do some tests, make sure it takes correctly. I have spent many an hour dealing with some sort of broken process, due to minor changes in seemingly unrelated areas. Usually broken due to badly borked installers […]

Disk reliability: FC and SCSI vs SATA

I have been pointing out for some time that disk manufacturing processes and hardware are pretty much identical across all types of disk. There is nothing of significance different between the hardware in a SCSI, FC, or SATA drive, outside the drive electronics package. Viewed 20062 times by 4789 viewers