ASLs as a meta-language for cluster jobs

Short post. I was having a conversation on how to do some things on a cluster, and an idea was born. I’ll flesh it out a little more later on, but the gist is, can we create an application specific language (platform independent, for the hordes of windows cluster users in addition to the Linux […]

Nice site on VCs

Have a look at TheFunded. Personally I think the current model of pitching one after another ad nausem may be inefficient. Knowing what we are getting into ahead of time with VCs is helpful. Viewed 14440 times by 3170 viewers

Experimental change

Turned required registration off for comments. I want to see if our spam filters will stop the spam before it gets posted. If any shows up, it will be deleted. I want this blog to be open and bidirectional. I don’t want it to become a repository for suppository advertising. If it works, we will […]

Ethics and blogging

Saw this article linked from /. In it there was an indication that Microsoft paid some bloggers to write up stuff which later became quotes. Bloggers got income, Microsoft got leverage their quotes *and* their names. But is this ethical? Viewed 16434 times by 3441 viewers

Good news on JackRabbit front

The day job has signed up with an excellent partner to help grow the market for reliable and fast HPC storage servers. We have two partners in the US, one in India, and we are still working on the EU … Update: Working with them on fixing the pricing, it appears to be off. Thanks […]

Writing with a broken laptop

Well, the laptop is not broken, but the USB ports are. Which means my mouse doesn’t work. So I have to use the track pad. Which means as I type my mouse pointer jumps all over the place. Viewed 15788 times by 3408 viewers

ISC 07

Wish I was there. Have an injured foot, recovering slowly. Not sure what I did. Aside from that, costs to fly into Dresden were huge. Looked at Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague … Ugh. Maybe next year. Microsoft PR sent me some information pointers, I invited them to post here. Hopefully they will. I want adoption numbers. […]