Sun snags CFS/Lustre

See this PR. Since HP, IBM, etc all support Lustre on their systems (as does my $day job), this should prove to be interesting. Will they keep supporting it, or run away to pNFS? I suspect the latter. Viewed 10565 times by 1977 viewers

Core memory returns …

I saw this linked off of /.. Core memory returns, though this core memory is not using magnetization of cores, but motion of cores. Since this is mechanical, I wonder how they are going to protect against shocks sufficient to exceed the coefficient of static friction … not to mention eigen-modes of the long racetrack […]

I admit it … I like Clovertown

I have a desktop box here, 8 cores, 8 GB ram, using it for some development and testing. This is a nice box. Not expensive. Linux on it (OpenSuSE 10.2), and some disk (900GB). All it needs is a good graphics card and it is an awesome workstation. The graphics card I am using now […]

NetApp sues Sun over patents in ZFS

See this link . Not good for ZFS. A day after someone posted an amusing and somewhat contradictory set of reasons why they preferred Sun x4500 to JackRabbit (including the “if a RAID card fails you have to replace it, and this is bad” in close temporal proximity to “the SATA controller failed and we […]

Solaris v. Linux: The “I’m not dead yet” battle

The market has largely converged on two OSes going forward. Unix demand and sales have been giving way according to IDC and others for the past few years. Linux has been and continues to take market and mind share away from it. Most OEMs realize this. There was a legal battle over this, now preparing […]

Whither Barcelona? Well, here …

Barcelona vs Xeon. 2.0 GHz Barcelona vs 2.33 GHz Clovertown. Punchline: SpecFP 78 for Barcelona, 60 for Xeon. Must be an old video. Xeon 5345 is not the highest performing Xeon, that is the 5365 at 3 GHz. About 29% “faster” than the 2.33 GHz version. This should put the 3 GHz Xeon on performance […]