AMD vs Intel benchmarks for latest chips

John at InsideHPC has a pointer to an article on benchmarks of the chips. There is no doubt that Intel is doing a good job on coming out with chips in a timely manner, something AMD is not doing well. Regardless of my criticism, what is interesting are the real world tests. I don’t care […]

As the market evolves …

I have been a strong proponent of accelerators for quite some time. Unfortunately, as indicated, it has been sadly, lacking success in trying to convince VCs and others to help fund the development we saw was needed. “The market will be there”, we said. “When” they asked. “Soon” we replied. That wasn’t good enough for […]

Why am I surprised that people found this surprising?

Must be something in the water. I dunno. I reported on a simple program written to demonstrate roundoff error accumulation for a class I taught (the day job does teach parallel programming with OpenMP/MPI/… as we are contracted to), and why people should pay very careful attention to it when using floating point arithmetic. Before […]

Data center growth numbers

From an article in Computerworld.. They note some results reported at a Gartner data center conference recently. Before I go into this, please remember that I am still laughing over the Itanium2 installed base debacle that Gartner had “predicted” in the previous decade (and early part of this decade). So, as with all projections, take […]

Expecting better of them

On thanksgiving in the US, there is much to reflect upon. Introspection: what you are doing right, and what you are not, is always good. We do quite a bit of it. Though on Thanksgiving, it is interspersed between the mashed potatoes, turkey, and other elements. HPCwire appeared to do some introspection. Sort of. Their […]

Losing our giants: Gene Golub

I never met Gene Golub; I have his and Charles Van Loan’s “Matrix Computations” book. It is one of those that you pour over, sometimes scratching your head as to how a particular algorithm works, and there is a detailed discussion of how to implement the algorithm, including very helpful discussions of the inner workings. […]

SGI heads for turbulence again?

Sadly I missed John West and the InsideHPC folks at Reno. This was my fault, it was my intention to drop by and say hi. I read InsideHPC and a few others frequently. Turns out, not frequently enough, as he noted something from the San Jose Mercury News on SGI. Its “old” news now (more […]

SC07: day 2 recap

Well, for day 2 had very little in the way of looking at demos. It was a day of meetings. That and a BOF. Ok, I did get to see the D-Wave systems stuff and ask some questions. It is not precisely what I thought it was. In short, they map problems onto an Ising […]