Site upgraded … WP2.5

This was, by far, the most painless upgrade of a complex software system I have ever done. That said, I don’t have a coverage test running to make sure everything is working, so please, by all means, kick the tires, make sure it all works. Viewed 15260 times by 3485 viewers

The silicon chip is falling, the silicon chip is falling …

on /. there is a link to a story on the imminent death of silicon semiconductor as a basis for computing. quoting … Meeting at the Institute of Physics’ Condensed Matter and Material Physics conference this week, researchers speculate that the silicon chip will be unable to sustain the same pace of increase in computing […]

Need to understand the SGI RASC BLAST benchmark

Way back when, we developed a little scalable app called CT-BLAST, that ran BLAST in parallel on clusters. I had been thinking about re-doing this outside SGI when I first learned of MPI-BLAST some years ago. Since then many folks have tried accelerating BLAST. They do this because BLAST consumes so many cycles. Sadly, BLAST […]

… and we have a winner …

Way way back, long long ago, I used mdbnch benchmark to test machines. I was amazed when SGI’s R8k got this done in under 20 seconds. The sub 15 second R10/R12k results were awesome. The sub 10 second Alpha results were amazing. That was about a decade ago. For a while, Opterons and Xeons have […]

Why we (still) need Fortran, and why this won’t change

I saw a link to an article from /. on Wodehouse’s ideas in writing prose used for refactoring code. For those not in the know, code refactoring is the process of rewriting a code to be simpler, or more efficient, more expressive of the needs. What has this to do with Fortran, and in the […]

Exciting news

Well, you may have heard it already from other sources, but Scalable Informatics is now working with Wipro Technologies to provide high performance computing services, development, and support. We are quite excited by this, and in speaking to our current customers, we are getting good positive responses on this development. More pai gow pokeronline poker […]