Sadness … but understandable

optical communications/. reports on a wired story which covers the demise of fundamental physics research at Bell labs. For those who aren’t aware, your ability to read this on your electronic device is directly as a result of fundamental physics research at Bell Labs. The vast majority of computers these days are based upon transistors. […]

banging my head against … grub …. grrrr

So we had loaded two pretty darn nearly identical JackRabbitsландшафт for delivery to a customer tomorrow. As part of the load, we want serial consoles available in case we need emergency access. Plug it in and solve problems. Great. Remember, these are virtually identical machines. Same MB, same CPU, same rev (one has more cores/twice […]

Fun monday morning benchmarking

Running NCBI BLAST on the JackRabbit we are preparing for shipment. Used the nt database from last july (21 GB in size, 5+M sequences). Our a. thaliana had 1164 sequences, and about 500k letters. Took 8m 44s to BLAST these sequences against this database. This means about 2.1838e+13 cell updates per second. This is the […]

while we are at it …

a new short benchmark writeup for JackRabbit for On-Demand Media Service. Quite cool. Our results were amazing. Viewed 17173 times by 4286 viewers

Its up! [our online store]

Took us long enough… Now you can buy your JackRabbit high performance storage systems online. Just click here … Not everything is on the store, but we are moving to get the items up quickly. Nothing quite like buying Gigabytes/s while wearing bunny slippers … Viewed 17393 times by 4246 viewers

Our customers are not crash dummies …

… and we don’t treat them like such. This is the gist of a conversation we had over the weekend. A JackRabbit unit running Centos 5.2 going out to a customer in the financial services space, required firmware updates for some of its components. It would have been simply too easy for us to do […]

multiple job opportunities

OT to our usual fare. The day job has a few possible openings for high performance computing technical types. Positions would be in Michigan, and one would have some extended travel. Please contact me if you would like to talk. Viewed 18131 times by 4465 viewers

An interesting correlation

Whenever a post somehow critical of zfs or Sun shows up on the blog or in an email to a list, within a few hours, someone starts email-bombing us. Hmmmm………. Correlations do not imply causality. But they are damn suspicious. Update: I should also note that someone took the time to even try to subscribe […]

apologies for slow posting … we have been busy

many things going on … busiest JackRabbit month on record. We moved into a new facility, migrated servers, setup a new phone system, setup a new lab, started the online store (still not complete, but ready to take initial orders!), … yadda yadda yadda. I won’t say JackRabbits are flying off shelves … though I […]

Rackable buys TerraScale and now dumps TerraScale

TerraScale were an innovative bunch that developed some interesting technologies around the xfs file system, and made it scale in a cluster. Some time ago, Rackable bought them. Now it appears that Rackable is pulling back from this market, and is putting TerraScale … er … RapidScale on the auction block. Ok, its not quite […]