JackRabbit-M bonnie++ results

run of bonnie++ 1.0.3 no patches, run in the usual way.

bonnie++ -u root -d /big -f

nets these measurements:

bonnie++ -u root -d /big  -f
Using uid:0, gid:0.
Writing intelligently...done
Reading intelligently...done
start 'em...done...done...done...
Create files in sequential order...done.
Stat files in sequential order...done.
Delete files in sequential order...done.
Create files in random order...done.
Stat files in random order...done.
Delete files in random order...done.
Version  1.03       ------Sequential Output------ --Sequential Input- --Random-
                    -Per Chr- --Block-- -Rewrite- -Per Chr- --Block-- --Seeks--
Machine        Size K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP K/sec %CP  /sec %CP
jackrabbit  <strong>129104M</strong>           <strong>668525</strong>  43 166778  18           <strong>1071018</strong>  66 426.3   0
                    ------Sequential Create------ --------Random Create--------
                    -Create-- --Read--- -Delete-- -Create-- --Read--- -Delete--
              files  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP  /sec %CP
                 16 +++++ +++ +++++ +++ +++++ +++ +++++ +++ +++++ +++ +++++ +++

Not bad. And yes, you will be able to buy this on the store soon. I promise …

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