banned word lists … maybe we need them in HPC?

Saw this mentioned all over the web …

Quite a few of them are good. I like the “not so much” phrase though … sad to see it in need of banning.

I liked the carbon footprint explanation. What a business model …

“It is now considered fashionable for everyone, tree hugger or lumberjack alike, to pay money to questionable companies to ‘offset’ their own ‘carbon footprint.’ What a scam! Get rid of it immediately!” Ginger Hunt, London, England.

heh …

Ok. What words should we ban in HPC? Back when I was at SGI, we used to make fun of the marketeers with their “breakthrough”. Hence, I nominate “breakthrough”.

These days I hear lots fads of dubious value to users being bandied about as if they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Simple cost benefit analyses can help determine if the value of a feature is worth the price of the feature.

I think “dedup” should be in the list.

I wonder if Multi-core should be as well. Seriously. We spend so much time agonizing over how to program SMPs with multiple memory/IO hierarchies … even though we actually know how to do this. Whats old is new again. Anyone remember those old SGI power challenge machines? Or big AIX boxen? Big SMPs, shared resources, managing resource contention.

Any others?

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