A bit of traffic … for Pegasus!

someone was apparently looking at our Pegasus GPU+Cell box spec’s online … and told their friends.

Most of the comments were ok, though someone thinks this is not a deskside/desktop box.

They wrote:

Great, another low production piece of hardware from a small company, that is not designed primarily to be a desktop computer.

Heh … Won’t dispute the low production piece … we are not making millions of them. As for a desktop computer?

That is most assuredly what this is.

See for yourself

Now imagine throwing even more cores and GPUs at it. This is what Pegasus does. It is not designed to compete with Dell units, or other high volume units, as they are targeted for a decidedly different set of markets. Pegasus can be a deskside super, or, if you indulge yourself like this, a super incredible game machine (up to 7x Quadro FX3800’s in a single box … not sure if the driver is tested for that many), or a tremendous horsepower visualization and visual processing system.

They make a great tie in to clusters of all sizes/shapes.

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