… and Rock gets canceled …

From the NYT, a blog post on the passing of Rock.

Sun has been working on the Rock project for more than five years, hoping to create a chip with many cores that would trounce competing server chips from I.B.M. and Intel. The company has talked about Rock in the loftiest of terms and built it up as a game-changing product. In April 2007, Jonathan Schwartz, the chief executive of Sun, bragged about receiving the first test versions of Rock.

But the two people familiar with Sun’s plans say Rock has met with an unceremonious end. The people requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to speak with the press about Sun’s plans.

Been there, done that. SGI’s Beast and Alien. Would have been interesting chips. Killed because Itanium was going to conquer all. No, wait, I am not kidding … It will … eventually … someday …

It appears little bits of hardware keep falling off the map. And HPC. Its gone. What does this mean to SGE, Lustre, the compiler groups …

Rock was an interesting chip. Sparc’s arent generally considered high performance or high power. This was a massively threaded chip. Some workloads would take to this well.

But the economics of chip building are the same as the economics of accelerators. Target ubiquity.

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