Its official … we have sold our first 96TB JR5 unit

Waaaa hooooo!!!!

This is also our first big Nehalem JackRabbit sale.

For those who don’t know, JackRabbit is a cost effective, very fast, very powerful storage and integrated processing system. Units go from 2 to 5 rack units, with capacities from 9TB through 96TB, and cost starting well under $1/GB. Raw performance, performance density, and storage density make this an ideal component of a cluster storage or cloud storage system.

This unit in particular is going to a cloud computing provider.

This is a Nehalem version of this platform, 72 GB RAM, 8 cores …

… with a few surprises.


More soon

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3 thoughts on “Its official … we have sold our first 96TB JR5 unit

  1. Congratulations, Joe! With the Infrastructure Film incentives in Michigan, and studios/post houses being built in Pontiac and Allen Park, there is only room to grow, even locally 🙂

  2. @John

    Thanks … skipped the turnovers and got some bagels this morning …


    We want to try to work with the local film folks. I sent a note to Stardock, and am looking for other contacts … know anyone building studios in Michigan (or elsewhere for that matter)? Our boxes make great digital media storage … we can do full frame 4k x 4k frame rate storage and playback … one of the few that can … and we do so at a very reasonable cost.

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