Sounds like Lustre is getting something of a bad rap

Coverage from ISC09 in Hamburg has GPFS (from IBM) doing well, and Lustre being … well … Lustre.

From InsideHPC’s coverage in the sidebar …

The latest from the ISC’09 Twitter stream. Follow insideHPC.

* LSI: “Lustre does not handle very well things going bad!” Thank you Terascale for that very insightful Session! #ISC09
* Lots of GPFS users here praising the robustness and stability of GPFS #ISC09 please think about that before looking for the cheapest way 😉
* great quote from a user: “Lustre badly failed while GPFS was absolutely stable!” #ISC09
* Best practises for deploying parallel filesystems – interactive session, however with Lustre focus #ISC09

You can follow them on twitter directly, or through the feed on InsideHPC. I recommend the latter, as John and team put up often interesting commentary after this.

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