Itanic sinks at SGI

This was a long time coming. The previous management, prior to them sinking in april 2009, nor the management teams before that … going back at least 10 years, would never have done this.

Its a shame. It should have happened long long ago.

Well, apparently SGI is moving on as well. Noer says they will continue to sell the 4700, but the next generation shared memory system will be based on the new Ultraviolet architecture. That design will use Intel Nehalem EX chips along with the next generation NUMAlink interconnect. Presumably this means the future “Tukwila” quad-core Itanium chips will never find a home at SGI. Although the 4700 line will continue to be offered for some period of time, the idea is to eventually migrate all the current users to the new architecture. “The intention is that Ultraviolet is the future of the shared memory systems line,” says Noer.

Basically Itanium is now legacy at SGI.

I remember asking at some engineering/sales meeting what the plan B was. I remember the management blinking rapidly, but not giving an answer. That was 1999 or so.

This is a new SGI. Not the company I spent 6 years at. It appears they now have a management with a clue. This is a good thing.

They still need to par down the burn rate, and adjust many other things in order to compete with the Dell’s and HPs of the world.

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