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I did a few interviews, ranging from bloggers through journalists. This interview is one of the mix. By all means, please do go to their site and see it, and their text around it.

I had much more to say, this is an edited down version. Basically I ran the Kx kdb+ demo, the dd demo, and a few other demos while talking. Doug was off on my right, probably laughing at me as I jumbled some things up …

The hand bit? Hey, I’m from NY. I gesticulate wildly. Its in my nature.

The unit on the left is a JR4, the one on the right is a Pegasus deskside supercomputer. The latter sporting a pair of Intel Nehalem W5590 units at 3.33GHz, 48 GB ram, a GPGPU and accelerated video card, and 32x 500GB SATA drives. With all that stuff in there, it was still almost silent. You had to put your ear directly next to it to hear it.

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