Oh. Yeah.

Two days ago, some nutjob wanted to blow up an airplane 20 minutes out from the airport I live 15 minutes from. Said nutjob is apparently in a hospital in Ann Arbor, again, 20 minutes away from us.

Today, the TSA is closing the barn doors after all the horses have left.

I am going to follow their train of illogic to its inevitable conclusion.

At some point in time in the future, our TSA won’t allow planes to take off and land until all passengers are in a chemically induced coma.

I could go rip them a new one over this (as in how, precisely would this new set of rules have prevented the incident, versus a saner closer inspection regime) … but its not worth it. This voice will not be heard by the people who make these rules.

This is one of many reasons why I don’t like flying. But now with these added restrictions … I’ll take my car across the bridge to Windsor Canada (30 miles from me), and fly out of Windsor airport.

This is nuts folks. If you are with the TSA and reading this, understand, this is really nuts. B doesn’t follow from A and all that.

I can see it now as well. Being questioned at the border to see if I plan to fly out of Canadian airspace, just to avoid the hassle of insane rules here in the US. Imagine being turned back at the border over this, because the TSA really wants control.

I’ve said it before in private, but I think its worth saying it publicly. Some of these things are simply security theatre. As the referenced post notes

If you’re really cynical, you could make a good argument that they’re really only interested in the appearance of safety. They’ve simply concluded that the more difficult they make your flight, the safer you’ll feel. Never mind if any of the theatrics actually work.

Yeah, well … sadly, I think they are right.

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