A very poor choice

Ubuntu 10.04 isn’t out yet. But will be soon. In it, there are some good things, some nice things. And an insanely poor choice. They are effectively preventing users with NVidia cards from using NVidia’s drivers. You have to go through some absolutely insane hoops to be able to use NVidia’s drivers. The Nouveau driver […]

Lustre’s future, part 1 of a few

[update] Jeff said substantially the same thing last year. Go figure :O I haven’t written up my thoughts after seeing the slides, speaking with some of the support team, seeing John West and John Leidel’s discussion of Lustre 2.0 on InsideHPC … … but I need to. So here is the first (very brief) comment. […]

color me impressed

GAMESS running on Magny Cours and Istanbul … I rebuilt them with OpenMPI 1.5 and 1.4.2. Running across 24 cores right now on each. They are running a test case now that, the previous fastest machine has been a Nehalem 3.2 GHz system. They are tearing up the track …. The sockets version isn’t as […]

1 CAD is now greater than 1 USD …

c.f. here Live rates at 2010.04.23 19:18:28 UTC 1.00 USD = 0.999750 CAD United States Dollars Canada Dollars 1 USD = 0.999750 CAD 1 CAD = 1.00025 USD Yeah, I know it fluctuates. Still, nice to have parity. Viewed 17104 times by 4054 viewers

New Magny Cours, Istanbul, and Nehalem BLAST white paper is up

Grab a copy from here. We have been playing with Magny Cours and Istanbul for a while, and will be generating a number of white papers around these efforts. Comparisons to Nehalem of similar clock speed, and if available, other units. Magny Cours is a very interesting chip. 12 processor cores in a single socket. […]

What if your state is hostile to your business?

Here in Michigan, we need to find something new to do. This economy is built upon manufacturing, which is rapidly fleeing for the lower cost regions of the world. It is a foundational and critical mistake to try to reverse this, as manufacturing will always seek the lowest costs … so unless you can provide […]

Ok, hunkering down for the hard work

I have a white paper to get done by Sunday, an RFP response to get done by tomorrow, and a set of 3 quotes to do. Getting one done now, the rest are later tonight. No rest for the wicked. Viewed 16764 times by 4006 viewers

(will there be) a future for OpenSolaris?

Saw this linked to from /. . Its pretty clear that Oracle is taking a deep, long, hard look at all projects within Sun, figuring out what to keep, and what to abandon. Things which have no hope of revenue generation, or driving business in general are not likely long for this world. This brings […]