Going to need to write up a site preparation sheet …

… that covers some basic things. Like cooling, power, IPMI, …

We’ve seen a common thread throughout a number of data centers recently, where we’ve placed a machine. Occasionally, the airflow will be too low or, following the fads as of late, too warm, to be effective at cooling a high performance machine.

More to the point, its great when your density per rack U is not that high to have warmer air or less air flow going. Web servers don’t generally run terribly hot.

But start pushing GB/s through memories, through RAIDs, through networking cards … yeah, you start getting hot.

Now add to this the nice high inlet temperatures …

Less dense machines don’t care so much. More dense machines … they care.

I can’t wait till people start putting GPU clusters into these rooms with 74+ degree ambients, and limited airflow.

Ugh. High inlet temperatures coupled with low flow … just say no.

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