Almost, but not quite …

Matt Asay has an interesting article at The Register. In it, he argues that Microsoft needs to adapt to the world that has evolved around it, and do something drastic. This article references a Wall Street Journal article/post on the state of Microsoft and the lack of motion of its share price over the last […]

mpiBLAST test RPMs for 1.6.0 available

See here. These are in testing, so please report any bugs/errors. mpiBLAST is of course is one of the original cluster-accelerated BLAST implementations, being developed by Wu Feng’s group at VT. IMO there is a strong need for applications like this, as well as mpihmmer and others. As data set sizes continue to grow at […]

Unifying the JackRabbit and DeltaV baseline loads

For a while, we’ve used Ubuntu 8.04 as the baseline distribution for DeltaV. In the earlier days, it was easier to get some aspects of the load working, as we had a modern kernel and userspace to work from. Ubuntu 10.04 has come out, and I am not sure I like it as much. It […]

The day job laptop

… died. Display randomly quits. Just weeks after the warranty expired. Ugh. Spec’s for new one: 8+ GB RAM, quad core Intel, Nvidia graphics. So far, Dell has a 4500 workstation that looks good, and HP has a multimedia laptop that looks good. Anyone else I should look at? Need to run Linux, Windows 7. […]

… and another Solaris OEM agreement bites the dust …

(with apologies to Queen) Looks like Oracle/IBM have parted ways on Solaris. None of this bodes well for Solaris market share. If Oracle wants a private OS to run for Oracle’s apps, to compel people to buy its hardware/OS to run, then, well, it might pursue a strategy like this. Or maybe IBM demanded onerous […]

DV4 tuned …

spent the weekend working on our DeltaV 4 unit, tuning it a bit. Previous write numbers were a bit lower than I liked. So we adjusted some of the configuration a little. This is what resulted (old write numbers were in the 450MB/s region for this test) Viewed 18252 times by 4170 viewers

In a world of vector and intrinsically parallel machines …

… why are we still programming them with serial languages? And more to the point, why are these language compilers so terrible at converting serial code to parallel code? No, seriously … I know there are several constraints on the semantics of the serial language code processing. Debugging and exceptions for one … you wouldn’t […]