… and SGE goes 90-day trial license …

SGE, aka, Sun Grid Engine, is the latest bit of HPC collateral damage in the Oracle digestion of Sun. This is not to say its going away, Dan Templeton has a nice post on his site indicating that they have a roadmap and a future.

Its just that it is no longer open source. You can’t use it for more than 90 days w/o a paid license from Oracle.


This said, the GE community is stepping up to do something about this, though my concern is that Oracle could lean on them a little.

This isn’t a good thing for SGE users (we are/have been one) who use the open source version.

I need to check a few other products we’ve been using in a similar view. If we need to convert to something else, we will. Torque isn’t terrible (my bad experiences with its predecessor from years ago not withstanding), and there are a few others.

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