Start popping the pop-corn, this is getting interesting to watch …

Outright bidding war between Dell and HP for 3Par. HP topped Dells bid, so Dell responded.

Press releases were released. They continued to walk do the aisle.

And then HP upped its bid. Currently at $1.8B and climbing.

Thinking about HPs strategy, I wonder if they really want 3PAR or if they really want to deny Dell the company. And how much the latter is worth to HP. They have some competitive technology in their portfolio.

It wouldn’t surprise me if HP bought Ibrix for the same reason. We don’t run into too many Ibrix deals these days, its mostly gone. But Dell sold a bit of Ibrix.

Could HP be doing to Dell, what Dell has been doing to everyone else (e.g. effectively sucking the oxygen and opportunities out of the room)?

Lets get the popcorn going, this is fascinating to watch.

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