Every time I upgrade an OS … every single time …

Java and its connection to browsers break. Now normally, I wouldn’t care, as I don’t personally have a very high opinion of the be-all-and-end-all language/system known as java. Its overly verbose, under performing, and doesn’t play well with any operating system. Copy/paste buffers … well, there is a whole huge litany of issues with it, and I am not even remotely the only one who has them.

Updated desktop OS. Now at Ubuntu 10.04.1 from 8.10. I waited until the NVidia stuff was fixed.

Now … reload acrobat. Annoying, but it works. Flash, works. Chromium, works.

Java, doesn’t work. Not in any browser (Chromium, FF3, FF2, Icecat32 (ff2 in 32 bit mode), …). Download JRE and put the plugin softlinks. Download another. And another.

No dice, doesn’t work. Distro supported IcedTea JDK, doesn’t work. Never has, but thats another issue.

There is a common theme here … I am just missing it …

We have a business dependency upon java for the moment, in terms of the remote terminal applications.

At some point … at some point we have to call it as being more trouble than its worth. I am rapidly approaching that point. Java, the write once run anywhere language, does not appear to even approach this. Installation should be trivial, and browsers should just work with it. Copy/paste should be seamless with the underlying OS, and it should use the native OSes own windowing hints, buttons, fonts. None of this is the case.

I am getting awful tired of this not-invented-here approach, and we-know-better implementation. When the pain exceeds the utility, it won’t be used. Its pretty darned close.

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