Interesting customer feedback

One little single chassis JR4 apparently is a bit faster, at being a NAS, than a 6 shelf product from [some other scale out NAS vendor, a rather well known one]. This vendor is currently the rage in NGS circles.

We know we are fast. We knew the other folks weren’t so fast. I am … I guess … not surprised … to hear this.

There are benchmarks. And then there is the real world. And customers using your gear, in anger. On day to day operations. And comparing with their other recently purchased gear. And telling you the results …

A single shelf from this vendor is about 4-5x our single unit cost. This 6 shelf unit must have run a nice chunk of change.

And our box … our single … solitary box … is a faster NAS … than the 6 shelf beast. Consumes less power too.

Costs less, is faster. Scales up like a bat out of hell (20+ GB/s per single rack).

Too bad we don’t have a hardware trade in program to help customers get out from under these slow units. No … wait … we do.

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