More M&A: Novell sold itself to Attachmate

This is interesting. This is a new line of business for Attachmate, they aren’t in OSes, NOS, and other things directly related to this. I don’t quite understand the rationale behind the acquisition. I need to look at that one more. Best guess is that Attachmate is really a holding company with a loose connection of holdings, with not significant overlap.

In conjunction with this, Novell sold 882 patents to Microsoft. There is some concern in the community that Novell may have sold Unix IP to the holding company controlled by Microsoft as part of the deal.

Now Linux is not known to infringe upon Unix IP. SCO tried to claim infringement and ownership, and were unable to prove either.

It is possible that this happened. No one knows right now. The next few weeks and months could be pretty interesting if it did happen. We will see.

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