SC10: the wind down

The conference is winding down. Tuesday was good, Wednesday was wild. Non-stop. I didn’t have a free moment.

This was a good show. We got the siCluster-NAS formally launched (for less than $1000/usable TB with scalable bandwidth, we think it is pretty good). We got some nice financial services demos up running on the siCluster-NAS. We didn’t spend too much money to setup and run the demos.

Tomorrow, Green-HPC gets announced (and I think Top500). Given the importance of being green (in the sense of not inefficiently using the resources and generating more waste heat than valuable results), these numbers will be ever more important going forward. Wu Feng did a good job on focusing people’s attention on this.

Rich Brueckner from did his (as usual) incredible job at getting the stories out. Doug Eadline was showing of Limulus, which is a very cool low power computing cluster in a deskside box. Gluster was talking about the new rev of the file system. Some things I thought were slated for 3.2 are actually in 3.1. Our friends at Bright Computing were there, showing off their updated cluster suite.

We’ll see you all in Seattle, I am being pushed to get a booth … so hopefully it will be nicer and easier to meet with us.

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