Parts shortages

We’ve noticed this over the past week. Have a number of new orders, and suddenly, memory is hard to find. And prices have jumped dramatically.

From /.

Japan’s natural disasters and nuclear crisis have already caused silicon wafer shortages that are rippling through the global supply chain of semiconductors for everything from your garden variety PC to the biggest Google server farm. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have shut down 25 percent of the global semiconductor raw materials production, threatening to cause shortages and price hikes in everything from smartphones to supercomputers

We do just-in-time builds, we tend to keep inventory down.

Global supply and demand folks, the economy is operating as it should. When you have shortages, pricing rises through channel to market. There is little we can do about this. We have some memory supply (the parts giving us issues now), and CPUs aren’t a problem. I do expect some disk drive issues soon, and possibly some Flash shortages (all with components from Japan as well as other locations).

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