Interesting acquisition: STEC takes KQ Infotech (assets)

I wasn’t expecting this one. KQ Infotech, a smaller development house probably best known for their porting of ZFS to Linux, and providing the tools required for end users to build their own ZFS on their own machines (thus getting around some of the major hurdles with GPL and CDDL licenses). I was not expecting […]

Ok, this is just showing off now …

One of the two units we are going to ship to a customer very soon. Running the 19.2TB write. Fill up 1/2 the system. With a single file. Of 19.2TB size. In less than 2 hours. Don’t try this on ext*. [root@jr5-1 ~]# fio sw-19.2TB.fio … Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=19200GB, aggrb=3160.7MB/s, […]

Raw, unapologetic, firepower

96TB Scalable Informatics JackRabbit JR5 unit, shipping out to a customer today (or early tomorrow). These are single thread, single process, single file writes. Taking it out to the track and cracking the throttle, wide open. [root@jr5-2 ~]# fio sw.fio … Run status group 0 (all jobs): WRITE: io=65028MB, aggrb=3801.1MB/s, minb=3893.2MB/s, maxb=3893.2MB/s, mint=17104msec, maxt=17104msec [root@jr5-2 […]

… and Seagate snarfs up Samsung’s drive business …

Looks like Seagate got itself some spinpoints. Seagate may be leveraging this to build its way into the Chinese market more than it is. Now there are 3 big spinning rust makers: Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba. A Seagate-Toshiba hookup wouldn’t surprise me, though the regulators are likely to start eyeing this stuff more closely […]

Ignore the spork behind the curtain …

At InsideHPC, Rich notes in a post LUG Grows up. At LUG?2011, Lustre users wrapped their first community-run annual meeting this week with over 60 member organizations in attendance. That?s up 50 percent from last year, and now the popular open source file system seems to have a unified roadmap going forward. That means no […]

file system surgery on borked Lustre volumes

So whatcha gonna do when you have a Lustre file system, with an ext4 backing store with a journal on an external RAID1 SSD, when that external RAID1 ssd pair goes away (in a non-recoverable manner), and the file system has the needs_recovery flag set? You see, the ‘-f’ option to e2fsck … doesn’t … […]

On the broken-ness of most Linux distributions …

If you have anything approaching a complex installation or management requirement for your systems, most … no … pretty much all Linux distributions have anywhere between somewhat borked to completely boneheaded designs for handling these complex sitatuations. Say, for example, you want to boot a diskless NFS system, and replicate it. Diskless NFS is well […]

At NAB in Las Vegas … in a word … wow!!!

I’ve got a much longer writeup in mind. Those who attend SCxx and think its big … er … no. Conservative guess that NAB is 5x the size of SCxx in terms of exhibit floor space. This may be an under estimate by 2-4x BTW, I’ve only visited the upper and lower south exhibit hall […]

Another test case on a 5U JackRabbit

This is the other 5U JackRabbit unit we are building for the customer. Single thread read of an large file, no caching. This is spinning rust (e.g. hard disk). This uses 2TB drives while the other unit uses 1TB drives. The theoretical maximum we could pull data off these units the way they are arranged […]

Not all clouds have silver linings …

AaaS/StaaS (Archive as a service, Storage as a service) seems to have providers dropping their offerings as they are not very profitable. As with computing as a service, the issues are costs, pure and simple. For this to work well as a service, you, the provider, need your costs to be well below what you […]