Transformers … shot in Michigan

This was nice. The original movie in the series was shot downtown Detroit. Or at least the scenes towards the end (when they are duking it out in the city). It was funny to see the old railroad terminal building being used as a chase scene. FWIW, that building would make one helluva nice data […]

You win some, and you lose some

Just found out the day job lost a major storage upgrade to a competitor. Read over the evaluations, and we had some questions, sent them off to the purchasing folks. Its always annoying to lose. But from losing you can gain knowledge of why you lost and hone your offerings or your bidding … well […]

Updated DeltaV benchmarks, and a limited time discount offer

Somewhat better tuning on this unit now. This is getting … interesting. Very interesting. As a reminder, the day job’s lower cost storage target, the DeltaV is designed specifically to be a lower end machine. It is fast, and as we saw on the last set of numbers, it is actually faster than competitors hardware […]

OT: Fun week ahead

This is a personal bit. I am going up for belt promotion in Karate this Thursday. Huge risk saying something in advance in case I don’t make it. I am not worried about most of it. The fighting portion, yeah, a bit. I’m fine in sparring bouts, but this promises to be at least 7 […]

“K” is atop the top500. What does this mean to us?

Not much. No, I am not trying to be a downer. The relation of the top500 top-o-the-heap to mere mortals with hard problems to solve isn’t very strong. Actually its quite weak. There is only one K machine. Its at RIKEN in Japan. There’s only one Jaguar, and only one Tihane machine. All are, to […]

Updated DeltaV in the lab

Should be a pretty good performance bump for the unit. Processor and memory bump. Newer backplane. Some other bits. Will update soon. Really looking forward to the benchies 🙂 [Update 1] Very encouraging sign: RAID build is occurring at about 2x the rate of the previous generation. Should be done with 48TB RAID build in […]

Shakes head …

Them: Here is our parts list. We found it by going to these web sites (see long list) finding the lowest cost among them, and then adding it in to the spec. Me: Uh huh (noting the several conflicting and wrong elements). So what is it you are trying to do … Them: Never mind […]