As tiburon progresses …

We are now booting: Redhat 6.1, Centos 6.0, Ubuntu 11.04, and others (including VMs!) via tiburon. Completely painless for compute and storage nodes. This is letting us get to the next phase: Application Specific Nodes (or “appliances on demand” in more common language).

Basic idea is, spend zero … identically zero time on your expensive private/public cluster/cloud/grid/yadda yadda doing an installation. Seriously, you should not be paying cloud providers for this, and if you are, this is a problem. We will be building tools (better ones than we have now) to automate the heck out of building images/appliances/… And apart from Windows, we think we can do this with most flavors of Linux, possibly some of BSD (and darn it, would love to do this with OSX … hint hint hint).

Same image that booted the 1TB ram server also boots our tiny 16 GB compute node, our 4GB VM, …

Yeah, that is utility. Once its configured, the hardest thing for this is boot time.

Add in some of our gui/cli goodness (also being updated/adapted), and yeah this starts looking downright interesting.

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