Is Java done?

Latest updates from all distro vendors. Java plugins no longer work on any browsers. Updated from Oracle, or the OpenJDK stack, or …

Doesn’t matter. Can’t get it to work anywhere.

This is a positive development … right? We can call this “experiment” over? Maybe all the nice folks who’ve been coding their IPMI/iLOM tools for years as Java clients will now … please … switch to HTML5 so we can drop this anachronism from our machines for once and for all? Please?

Heck, even Adobe has seen the light with Flash. Which arguably worked better for me than Java ever did as a browser plugin. They are going html5 going forward in order to “just work” everywhere.

/annoyed at borked plugins, and amazed that they are borked on so many different machines, all at once, in the same way.

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