Every now and then …

Иконописwe give a quote to someone, they see a part number, find a vendor who is selling this at some enhanced discount for any number of reasons, and then ask us to match it. I am guessing that they don’t realize we actually compare our costs to various measures, and make sure our pricing is […]

Intel snarfs up Qlogic Infiniband

I guess this gets Qlogic out of the IB arena. Good catch by Rich at InsideHPC I had spoken to a number of folks at Intel over the years w.r.t. IB, and they said they were keeping their options open. IB riser boards are available for some of their MB’s, and from what I have […]

Fun with primes

A long time ago, in a galaxy far … far … away … I’ve been playing with primes for a while … computing them, etc. Have a neat way to represent any natural number (exluding 0) in terms of the exponents of their prime factors. Lots of reasons for playing with this. Started doing this […]

A few months into the gluster acquisition by Red Hat …

… just received a note indicating that our Gluster Reseller contract was voided, and that we would be seeing a new partner portal for Red Hat Storage coming soon where we could apply again for reseller status. Hmmm …. Reading over the information I saw on the Red Hat storage platform, it looks like they […]

Hmmm …

Saw this linked from /.. UEFI boot is to be replacing the old BIOS boot. There are positives about this and negatives. New software is always buggy, and UEFI won’t magically become bug free. UEFI has security controls for signed OS booting (ostensibly to protect users). But the abuse of security systems to exclude competitive/alternative […]

OT: What is and what should never be

Had to get a Led Zeppelin reference in at least once a year on the blog … Pathology report came back. Ok, in the movie series The Matrix, there is a set of scenes where the story tellers want you to believe that the character (Neo in the clip below’s case) was moving with “super-human” […]

More than a year in, and where are they now?

Its 2-January-2012, and assuming the Mayans’ were wrong (ok technically I’ve not heard of any suggestion they did anything more than stop their calendar on a convenient-for-them boundary), an interesting question is, what has happened to the company-formerly-known-as-Sun’s HPC assets? Lustre is one of the most well known, and it now has some type of […]