Hmmm …

Saw this linked from /.. UEFI boot is to be replacing the old BIOS boot. There are positives about this and negatives. New software is always buggy, and UEFI won’t magically become bug free. UEFI has security controls for signed OS booting (ostensibly to protect users).

But the abuse of security systems to exclude competitive/alternative booting … yeah … maybe not such a good idea.

It looks like Microsoft is trying to demand that its hardware ARM partners not enable anything but Windows 8 or an equivalent signed OS (is Android signed?) to run on the system.

As with other systems, I believe this will be eventually cracked, and OS mods will be created for such platforms.

This said, I really don’t expect Windows 8 to manage to make much of a difference in the market. Windows 8 for phones has a commanding … what … 2% of the market? And its not growing very fast at all? Windows tablets? Again, one has to ask “why” ? I really like my iPad2. It is very good. The android tablets I’ve tried, maybe, ok … not so good, but getting better. Still nothing compared to iPad2. The application ecosystem for both are large and growing with very low cost apps available on each.

I can’t imagine a windows pad ecosystem with cheap apps, stable OS, and non-virus infected experience. Yeah the UEFI supposedly will stop a rooted OS from booting. So … get a virus and brick the device. Er … can you say “misdesign”, or “design flaw”, or “abject failure to understand the dynamics of this market” ? I thought you could.

I am not expecting a Windows tablet to fare much better than a windows phone. Actually expecting much worse.

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