SRP joy

ok, not really. Late last night, while benchmarking some alternative mechanisms to connect {MD,OS}S to their respective {MD,OS}T for a Lustre design we are proposing for an RFP, I decided to revisit SRP. I liked SRP in the past, it was a simple protocol, SCSI over RDMA. How could you go wrong with this?

Well, I found out last night.

I put our stack on a DeltaV connected with a 10GbE and QDR IB ports to our respective switches. Lit up the target, iSCSI over 10GbE was nice, wanted to try IB. iSCSI (not the iSER) over IB isn’t so nice, about 1/2 the performance of 10GbE. Yeah, iSER will be tried next, but I wanted to see how SRP behaved.

So the target was set up, and it is visible.

-bash-4.1# scstadmin -list_target

Collecting current configuration: done.

	Driver  Target                                     
	ib_srpt ib_srpt_target_0                           

Connect to it … and …

Hey, the dv4 isn’t responding … why? It was 1am, I figured “pilot error” so I’d look this morning.

Get in, fire up the console. Unit is up. Try connecting to this again and …


Damn. I liked SRP. No real time to debug for this, onto iSER.

As a rule of thumb, I think its … I dunno … a bad idea to kernel panic on a connection attempt. It might put users off, a bit.

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