OT: Off to a nice “relaxing” vacation tomorrow

Long overdue. We’ve had a … challenging … year, starting some family health issues, and my working from home for the first 6 weeks of the year. Company had to make an adjustment after we realized that there was an poor matching of capabilities, motivation, and goals for a portion of our team. All this contributed to increasing my level of stress.

So I am happy to report that we are hopping into a car (minivan really), and making the trek to Orlando, by way of Atlanta. Atlanta to visit the niece I just gave away in marriage a few short weeks ago. Orlando to hit water parks, various mandatory (as indicated by wife and daughter) trips to Universal studios to see some Hairy Potter (yes, mis-spelled on purpose) thing.

And to attend and compete at the KIAI Grand Nationals. I expect to be doing 3 events, forms (kata), weapons, and sparring (kumite). I am looking forward to this … hopefully my wife or daughter can capture some of my events on video. We’ll see.

Of course this is a VINO (vacation in name only) … as my next week calendar already has numerous calls/meetings, and deliverables.

Such is life 🙂

But I am hoping to recharge my batteries … in part by sparring. There’s some irony here …

And I expect the drive from Michigan to Florida, with a stopover in Atlanta to visit a niece and her family to be somewhat draining (the drive, not the visit). But its time with my family, and after these past 6 months, its our first real vacation. Our first big trip since then.

Baby steps. Thanks to the SNL biopsy, my wife is concerned about Lymphoedema … her docs slathered this worry on a bit thick … so now she’s worried. I don’t blame her, so rather than fly, we drive. So off we go, nice and early, tomorrow morning.

To the house of mouse. And karate. To relax.

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