SSaaS … huh… what?

On James Cuff’s blog, a nice post about utilization of software.

In it he writes:

plus all the cool kids now use python and not a lot of perl, perl5mods was pulled in 3,574 times in comparison to 59,438 lots of python…

to which I say …

Human Voice Clip Female Young Woman Exclamations Oh Man

Seriously … I gave up on the indentation as a form of program structure when I stopped doing much Fortran. Sheesh.

Whats next … everyone using BASIC, with a little OO wrapper, a JIT, and an LLVM backend to run on GPUs (with a VHDL conversion tool)?

I should note that I was debating whether or not to use references to Wiley E Coyote, supergenius as a portion of the rent-a-smarty concept, but I don’t think everyone would have gotten this reference … so here is a snippet

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