When you’ve lost Jon Stewart …

Here in the US, we have a number of scandals brewing. Many of those for the party in control of the White House and the Senate would like to have you believe that these are in fact tempests in teapots. In this case, there are at least 2 Nixonian scandals going non-linear here, with a 3rd trying to break through. The political left is doing all it can to wave off one of them, though this is getting progressively harder by the day as more information comes out.

And very sadly for the left, the worst fears on the right that they have been targeted by government, that the left has labeled conspiracy theories in the past, are coming out with substantial supporting evidence.

So much so that hard core, in the tank “journalists” (scare quotes intentional) are abandoning this administration’s fold as their propaganda mouthpieces. The spin is no longer working and they are spinning hard, as evidence mounts that the worst fears on the right were, in fact, the least of their worries.

A centerpiece of this administration has been the … er … unexamined … buy in from media and celebrity types. Most were strongly in the tank for this administration.

That buy in is now strongly on the wane, as these people are smart enough to recognize a sinking ship when they see one (buy maybe not smart enough to look skeptically and critically at those whom get their strong support, to determine if they are in fact worthy of such support).

One of those celebrity types is Jon Stewart, a reasonably funny comedian, with a talk show. He is unabashedly on the political left, and that’s fine. In this clip, apart from his mistake in dismissing the Benghazi scandal, he humorously gets to the heart of the matter.

When you’ve lost Jon Stewart …

[Update] We’ll the IRS (roughly akin to HMRC) scandal keeps growing worse by the hour. Original claim was a handful of cases. Then 10s. Then 75. Now its 500+. And growing. Anyone want to take a stab at the over-under for it getting to 5000+ in the next week?

Nixon was, unarguably, one of the most corrupt politicians to ever serve as CEO of our government. Each of the three scandals now growing daily (Benghazi, IRS, AP/”journo” spying w/o warrants) is making that minor break-in and cover-up look positively angelic in comparison.

[Update 2] Worser and worser. Not known for her deep thinking, Rep Michelle Bachmann nails what we have to worry about with the forthcoming Obamacare requirements and IRS involvement, regardless of our political pursuasion.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.), a former IRS attorney, was even more explicit in her concerns.

?It?s very important to ask, and now it is reasonable to ask, could there potentially be political implications regarding health care?access to health care, denial of health care?will that happen based upon a person?s political beliefs or their religiously held beliefs?? Bachmann said.

?This question would?ve been considered unreasonable and out of bounds a week ago,? she noted. ?Today, this question is highly relevant.?

Those concerns could be heightened by allegations that the IRS illegally stole 60 million medical records from a health care facility in California in 2011.

If I were a seriously betting person, I’d say that this IRS scandal may be the thing that pushes congress to turn off Obamacare. How could any of them face their constituents knowing full well that random sections of them may be targeted for any reason. So far the targeting appears to have been political and religious. This is wrong, at all levels, independent of which political, or religious affiliation you happen to be.

[Update 3] Wow … just … Wow

I’d say this was Nixonian, but this one scandal is far worse than his petty lying. And its not even the worst of the scandals.

And the government knew about this before the election. And appears to have suppressed information.


Presidents have resigned over less. And unlike Benghazi, no one died in the Watergate coverup. That one is getting worse by the minute as well.

Couple this to senators and congress critters from the ruling party asking for investigation of their perceived political enemies.

Yeah, this isn’t playing well on main street. It appears the MSM is still running interference for the ruling party, and failing, as the word is getting out, and people are pretty uniformly outraged over this.

Whether this gets to the point of the “I” word or not, I expect to see quite a few members of the admin brought up on charges of some sort or the other. I think its safe to say that after this, Obamacare surviving intact is going to be a stretch. Would you want the IRS deciding that you cannot get your medical care because they don’t like your political/religious/other views? Didn’t think so.

I wonder if the ruling party realizes how badly they just damaged themselves. Well, this does assume a competent opposition, which, from what I have seen, doesn’t quite exist. If they survive intact, its because the opposition is so idiotic. But thats a whole other conversation.

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