Why I’ve not been posting

Just insanely busy, more so than usual. We are getting close to double digits in employees in the day job. I suspect we’ll cross this in September/October. More news soon, including some wonderful new partners, products, and business bits. I won’t say where at this moment, but you can start searching around for the SI […]

Entrepreneurs are optimists

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. There are many reasons one might decide to be an entrepreneur. For me the journey was fairly simple. In graduate school, I saw the sea change in my field with the influx of FSU scientists with much greater seniority, many more publications, etc. […]

Day job at HPC on Wall Street

Ok, this is getting to be a common theme. We go to HPC on Wall Street. We show off new kit. And we are hosting a party. Go figure. There will be more on this very soon. You will see the new kit at our new large booth at SC13. The first element of the […]

NextIO shuts its doors and liquidates

As seen here and here. Born in January 2003, NextIO, based in Austin, TX, designed innovative PCIe I/O virtualization solutions with three products: vNET I/O Maestro consolidation and virtualization appliances, vCORE GPU consolidation products, and vSTOR I/O acceleration appliances. Its most recent vNET I/O Maestro provides server connectivity at the rack level to both Ethernet […]

I have finally given in to the borg collective

I am now on Facebook. Turns out my family and all my friends are there, so … … how soon before we have to change for the next great social network platform? I’ve got more than one Twitter account (@sijoe and @scalableinfo), a linkedin account, a google+ account (that for the life of me I […]

When you cross the rubicon

… from hobby and sport, to something more. I’ve traveled 1k miles for karate tournaments (to participate). I have not, as of yet, crossed an international border for one. That changes tomorrow. I went through a promotion test last week with an injured intercostal muscle. This caused all sorts of joy … no really … […]

how not to write driver Makefiles or configuration scripts

if [`uname -r` eq …] Its very bad form to insist on very particular versions of an OS/kernel. Not only will you piss off your customer (me), you will cause a great deal of effort to unwind the ill-considered test in order to get even basic functionality. I’ve seen this on network cards, RAID cards, […]