Dead on correct article

What many of us worried about years ago was whether or not we weer electing an empty suit to the highest political office in the land. Someone with no experience running anything. With no great accomplishments upon which to build. Simply a moderate orator with a teleprompter.

5 years in, our worst fears don’t even appear to scratch the surface of the failure that we have brought upon ourselves. This piece at the Wall Street Journal is so completely spot on. It is depressing.

Many active scandals, involving political and government overreach, intrusion, using levers of government power against political enemies (something that in past regimes would have resulted in impeachment and resignation), failure in primary mission of defending our citizens and civil servants. Failure in our (extraordinarly confused) foreign policy. Failure in our economic roadmap. Unwilling to negotiate with the opposition, unwilling to try to reach compromise. Labeling his adversaries as driven by other considerations than what they indicate. Labeling his opponents as enemies, and letting loose his followers to attack them in some of the most vicious ways possible, then decrying their defense of themselves and their principles as “terrorism”.

Paraphrasing Monty Python, this is a failed presidency. There is nothing good to be salvaged at this point. We have to wait for 2014 to have a chance at restoring balance in our government.

So let this be the object lesson for all of us. This is what we get, when we give one group too much power. The power rests with us, not with the groups. They lease it from us. They work for us.

If we let them manipulate us, we get the Harry Reids, the Nancy Pelosi’s, the Boehners, and the Obama’s of the world. Lets not let that happen again.

I guess the saddest thing about this is that Hillary Clinton asked the most salient question. If the phone rings at 3am with a crisis, whom do you want answering that phone? And as it turns out, no one wants the guy who would do that now. The irony is … well …

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