Fixed the IPoIB performance issue

For our Unison Parallel File Systems Appliance: [root@unison-jr4-2 ~]# iperf -c ———————————————————— Client connecting to, TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 1.00 MByte (default) ———————————————————— [ 3] local port 48383 connected with port 5001 [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 13.5 GBytes 11.6 Gbits/sec and of course in […]

A network we can work with …

A Unison file system appliance connected with Infiniband and 10GbE. [root@unison-jr4-2 ~]# qperf rc_bi_bw rc_bi_bw: bw = 9.7 GB/sec [root@unison-jr4-2 ~]# qperf ud_lat ud_bw ud_lat: latency = 3.66 us ud_bw: send_bw = 4.9 GB/sec recv_bw = 4.9 GB/sec and of course, IPoIB [root@unison-jr4-2 ~]# qperf tcp_bw tcp_lat tcp_bw: bw = 474 MB/sec […]

M&A continues … Xyratex bought by Seagate

The story is in the Register. An immediate question, and one of somewhat deja vu (all over again) … what is the impact upon Lustre IP? Xyratex had announced that it obtained ownership of the Lustre IP from Oracle a few months ago. This IP was in the form of trademarks, and a number of […]

The evolving market for HPC: part 1, recent past

I’ve said this many times, and at many different venues. HPC drives downmarket, and does so very hard. High cost solutions have limited lifetimes, at best. At worst, they will not catch on. 2013 was the year of the accelerators. We predicted this many years ago. I won’t beat this dead horse (for us). I’ll […]

Calxeda restructures

The day job had been talking to and working with Calxeda for a while. They’ve been undergoing some changes over the last few months as they worked to transition from an evangelist to a systems builder. The day job just got a note that they are restructuring. What this specifically means to an outsider, I […]

Prognostications for 2014 from an expert

Not me. Henry Newman at Enterprise Storage Forum. See article here. His first prediction of more consolidation in the SSD space is a given. I’ve been arguing that for a while. On the fab side, there are what … four producers left? Toshiba/Sandisk, Samsung, Intel/Micron, Hynix? Did I miss anyone? Will any of them leave […]

Violin kicks out founding CEO

Story at The Register. Usually you give a CEO some time to right a listing ship. I pointed out in a recent post that there are some significant grumblings about Violin and in fact about most of the flash-as-rack-appliance space. I had noted What?s interesting to me is that I had a conversation with a […]

M&A: Avago grabs … LSI … ?

Avago, a spinout from Agilent which was a spinout from HP, just bought LSI. Avago is largely a supplier of components to a variety of industries, dealing with modules, optoelectronics, etc. If you look at their product mix, you see effectively zero overlap with LSI. They are not even in, arguably, the same markets. I […]

First new Unison product sold

We were showing off the Unison units at #SC13, and while on the show floor, we managed to sell a storage cluster. Well, technically, the sale occurred after the show (last week in reality), but most of the configuration back and forth was during the show. I can’t say anything about the configuration or stack […]