… and the shell shock attempts continue …

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Updated boot tech in Scalable OS (SIOS)

This has been an itch we’ve been working on scratching a few different ways, and its very much related to forgoing distro based installers. Ok, first the back story. One of the things that has always annoyed me about installing systems has been the fundamental fragility of the OS drive. It doesn’t matter if its […]

Interesting bits around EMC

In the last few days, issues around EMC have become publicly known. EMC is the worlds largest and most profitable storage company, and has a federated group of businesses that are complementary to it. The CEO, Joe Tucci, is stepping down next year, and there is a succession “process” going on. Couple this to a […]

sios-metrics code now on github

See link for more details. It allows us to gather many metrics, saves them nicely in the database. This enables very rapid and simple data collection, even for complex data needs. Viewed 54204 times by 6341 viewers

New monitoring tool, and a very subtle bug

I’ve been working on coding up some additional monitoring capability, and had an idea a long time ago for a very general monitoring concept. Nothing terribly original, not quite nagios, but something easier to use/deploy. Finally I decided to work on it today. The monitoring code talks to a graphite backend. Could talk to statsd, […]

The Haswells are (officially) out

Great article summarizing information about them here. Of course, everyone and their brother put out press releases indicating that they would be supporting them. Rather than add to that cacophony (ok, just a little: All Scalable Informatics platforms are available with Haswell architecture, more details including benchies … soon …) we figured we’d let it […]