Scalable Informatics 13th year anniversary on Saturday

We started the company on 1-August-2002. I remember arguing with a senior VP at SGI over his decision to abandon linux clusters in Feb 2001. That was the catalyst for me leaving SGI, but I was too chicken to start Scalable then. I thought I could do better than them. I went to another place […]

Been there, done that, even have a patent on it

I just saw this about doing a divide and conquer approach to massive scale genomics calculation. While not specific to the code in question, it looked familiar. Yeah, I think I’ve seen something like this before … and wrote the code to do it. It was called SGI GenomeCluster. It was original and innovative at […]

Build debugging thoughts

Our toolchain that we use for providing up to date and bug-reduced versions of various tools for our appliances have a number of internal testing suites. These suites do a pretty good job of exercising code. When you build Perl, and the internal modules and tools, tests are done right then and there, as part […]

Insanely awesome project and product

This is one of Scalable Informatics FastPath Unison systems, well the bottom part. The top are clients we are using to test with. Each of the servers at the bottom is a 4U with 54 physical 2.5 inch 6g/12g SAS or SATA SSDs. We have 5 of these units in the picture. And a number […]

M&A fallout: Cisco may have ditched Invicta after buying Whiptail

Article is here, take it as a rumor until we hear from them. My comments: First, M&A is hard. You need a good fit product wise (little overlap and great complementary functions/capabilities), and a culture/people fit matter. Second, sales teams need to be on-board selling complete solutions involving the acquired tech. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, […]

On storage unicorns and their likely survival or implosion

The Register has a great article on storage unicorns. Unicorns are not necessarily mythical creatures in this context, but very high valuation companies that appear to defy “standard” valuation norms, and hold onto their private status longer than those in the past. That is, they aren’t in a rush to IPO or get acquired. Comment […]

Tools for linux devops:

Slowly and surely, I am scratching the itches I’ve had for a while with regards to data extraction from a running system. One of the big issues I deal with all the time is to extract what the state and components (and their states) of a linux network bond. Its an annoying combination of /sys/class/net, […]

Day job growing

We brought on a new business development and sales manager today. Actually based in Michigan. Looking forward to great things from him, and we are all pretty excited! Viewed 38175 times by 3554 viewers

Gmail lossy email system

For months I’ve been noting that email to my 2 different GMail accounts (one for work on the business side using the Google Apps for business, and yes, paid for … and one for personal) are not getting all the emails sent to it. I’ve had customers reach out to me here at this site, […]