M&A: Seagate snarfs up DotHill

The Register reports this morning, that Seagate has acquired DotHill. DotHill makes arrays and their kit is resold and rebadged by many. In general the array market (high end) is in a decline, and doesn’t show signs of turning around (ever). The low and mid market, including some of the cloud bits is growing. I […]

IPO: Pure Storage files

Not really an HPC/Big Data play (yet). But they have filed. The traditional array market is in a decline, and depending upon how you view it, its either merely a steep decline, or an out-and-out death spiral. The tier1 vendors are defending a shrinking turf against aggressive smaller and more focused players. Moreover, flash is […]

rebuilding our kernel build system for fun and profit

No, really mostly to clean up an accumulation of technical debt that was really bugging the heck out of me. I like Makefiles and I cannot lie. So I like encoding lots of things in them. But it wound up hardwiring a number of things that shouldn’t have been hardwired. And made the builds brittle. […]

Drama at Violin Memory

Violin has had a rather tumultuous time in market. Post IPO, they’ve not had a great time selling. They have an interesting product, but with SanDisk coming out with their kit, and many others in the competitive flash array space, this can’t be a fun time for them. They don’t have a large installed base […]