Moving inventory out to make room for new stuff

We have a bunch of units to move out. These are from a recent POC project, and we have a new architecture project that needs all that rack space and then some … the team are building Franken-boxen clients for this project, so we have enough requestors on the network. Parts start arriving next week […]

sios-metrics core rewritten

This was a long time coming. Something I needed to do, in order to build a far better code capable of using less network, less CPU power, and providing a better overall system. In short, I ripped out the graphite bits and wrote a native interface to InfluxDB. This interface will also be adapted to […]

M&A: Huge … WD acquires SanDisk

This is huge. Now Seagate has a relationship with Micron, Toshiba has its own disks and shares a fab with SanDisk (though I think with this acquisition, that will rapidly change). Ok … so the HD vendors are busy snapping up the Flash makers. Is Micron next? Rumors of something have been swirling for a […]

Finding needles in haystacks covered in a fallen down barn

Ok … this one was very annoying. Imagine you are trying to diagnose a system crash on a production unit. The crash is quite specific in the subsystems … being one where the interrupt handler catches an exception, and then you start piling up softirq contexts. Its on the network side of things. You discover […]

Ten years ago this blog was born

This was my first post. On 12-October-2005. I’ve written about many things over the past decade. 2000 plus posts, 200 per year, averages about 4 every 7 days or so. I’ve slowed down a bit in recent months, as work has grown more intense, but there are many thoughts I want to get down. To […]

M&A: EMC gobbled by Dell

Need to think how this will play out. The Register’s take is here. It seems that this will solve the “shareholder value” problem indicated by Elliot Management (e.g. they wanted more return on their investment). As part of the increasing the return and value return to shareholders, EMC had been in a cost cutting mode. […]

The end of java in the browser

Coming soon. Mozilla is turning off NPAPI support at the end of next year. Java and java applets rely upon NPAPI to work. Needless to say, Java support in the browser is going to end. While this is good news, they are still going to allow flash. Which is less good. What is interesting about […]