And this was a good idea … why ?

The Debian/Ubuntu update tool is named “apt” with various utilities built around it. For the most part, it works very well, and software upgrades nicely. Sort of like yum and its ilk, but it pre-dates them.

This tool is meant for automated (e.g. lights out) updates. No keyboard interaction should be required.


For any reason.

However … a recent update to one particular package, in Debian, and in Ubuntu, has resulted in installation/updates pausing. Because the person who built the update decided that it would be really … really good … if there were a text pager in the update process. So the update pauses, unless you quit the text pager, or go to the end of it.

That this is moronic is an understatement.

That this is wrong, minimizes how broken it is.

That this ever escaped Q&A boggles the mind.

Don’t make me interact with my fleet of machines for updates. Just … don’t.

If you feel you must, well … hand over maint of your code base to someone whom understands how completely wrong this is.

It is 2016. We’ve got automated tooling going across all of our systems. Our systems will break with a forced manual interaction. Which means someone either wasn’t thinking clearly, or was unaware that this is 2016.


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