10 years ...

A few days ago, on my daughters birthday, my wife turned to me and noted that that day, was 10 years after her surgery.  And she is still here.  Teaching math and science.

There's an XKCD for this as it turns out.  It starts with 2 years.  Then 7 years. And finally 10 years.

The ending of the seven years comic, talks about the total solar eclipse of 2024, which would pass basically directly overhead for us.  Where she says she will "do her best" to make the solar eclipse date.

We are already thinking about this eclipse ... 2.5 years out or so.  This is what cancer steals from you, from your life, from your family.  Planning for the future.  After you cross that "magic" 5 year mark, and become a 'survivor' ... well ...  it takes a while for that planning to return.  For that trust that you will be there.

As I've said before on this blog, I've got plans for my wife and I when I'm 97 or so (Hubble comet's return around 2062-2063 or so).  While this is closer than I wish it to be than when I first wrote those words, these goals, these plans, help provide motivation to fight battles.  Often very hard battles.  

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.   Happy 10 years to anyone else who has been through this, and happy 10 years in a few years to anyone going through it now.  Put one foot in front of the other, and keep moving.   Even if your feet aren't the ones moving, and you are leaning hard on someone who cares for you.

Happy new year.  And FUCK CANCER.

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