The marketing of computer languages

I have noticed a tendency for technologists, programmers, and others to fall in love with their projects, their tools, … . Why this happens, I am not sure. I don’t love my hammer, my circular saw, my computers, the languages I use. They are tools. They are the means to a goal. Sure, I like […]

Is a cluster a toaster?

At the excellent Cluster Monkey Doug Eadline mused on a number of topics of interest, specifically on why Cluster HPC is hard. There were some excellent points made. The OSC is working on an initiative to increase access to high performance computing resources for end users. Their effort is in part by making access to […]

The difference between an architecture and a product

This will be a short comment on something I have noticed with engineering led startups. The hardware oriented ones tend to have really neat architectures. Everything is technically beautiful. One problem though. They are not products. A product is finished. It has all the features one might expect out of a product. Yeah, this is […]

Broken makefiles

I remain consistently amused by the makefiles we see. Some of them are broken beyond repair. If I told you where I found them, and the profile of the projects that they were in, you would have a hard time stopping laughing. No, I am not talking about the auto-generated monstrosities from the GNU auto-tools. […]